Michael Jhaye Jordan (MJ), represents Mandaue City for Mister International Philippines 2023

Michael Jhaye Jordan, currently studying Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship at the University of San Carlos is a proud Mandauehanon who passionately represents his hometown, Mandaue.

At the age of 21, he is already a businessman and an entrepreneur with businesses such as Plant Corner 88 and Steer&Stir Cafe.

MIP 2023 title

And now, he is vying for the crown of Mister International Philippines 2023 this coming June 28, 2023, at the Newport World Resorts in Pasay City.

As a student

Michael’s dedication to basketball has shaped his belief in limitless possibilities, as he embraces challenges and draws inspiration from teammates and coaches.

His studies at Ateneo de Cebu deepened his bond with Mandaue and ignited a passion for entrepreneurship.

As a student-entrepreneur and advocate for equal opportunities, Michael’s journey intertwines sports, wellness, and entrepreneurship, inspiring others and representing Mandaue with pride.


Michael owns and operates Steer&Stir Cafe, prioritizing job opportunities and skill development for young adults without higher education.

Through this advocacy, he aims to empower them to achieve fulfilling careers and reach their full potential.

Central to his mission is social responsibility, as he believes in making a lasting impact beyond financial gains.

With a focus on sports, health and wellness, education, and social responsibility, Michael strives to create a world where everyone can thrive, leaving a transformative legacy.


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For the Top 20 spot this coming June 28.
Also the candidates with the highest ticket sales will be automatically included at the semi finals Top 20.

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