Virginia Foods and their newly launched Product Line


Virginia Food Inc. is a food manufacturing company that has been considered an integral part of Filipino families for over five decades. The company’s goal is to be the number one food solution for everybody thus, its actions are committed to delivering high-quality canned and frozen processed meat products while making a meaningful impact in the community.

As a food manufacturing company, it believes that success is measured by the quality of its products and the positive difference it can make in the lives of others. Moreover, Virginia remains grounded in its values towards its communities. With their vision to forge strong relationships with the community, one of their recent initiatives is to support organizations like the Sisters of Mary Foundation. Plus, recent campaigns of the company were initiated to help local artisans by bringing back some of our cultures, such as Parol making, etc.


Last August 2022, they unveiled the new Krunchy line featuring two products: Virginia Krunchy Chicken Nuggets and Virginia Krunchy Chicken Patties. These meaty, juicy, and crunchy offerings align with their mission to provide the best products to their valued consumer and cater to the needs of the Filipino market.

Mr. Stanley L. Go, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, shared his perspective that he wanted to make it convenient for people to enjoy restaurant-quality chicken dishes without the need to leave their houses and shelling out a ton of money, as he believes that time is more valuable and aims to instill to consumers’ minds that quality food does not need to be expensive. Thus, his goal will provide two needs to society. One is the convenience and the other one will be the affordability of such sumptuous products.

Moreover, Virginia Food, Inc. does not put a limitation on them in providing what they offer best, which is quality food. Last July, they introduced the newly launched additional product of their Krunchy line, the Virginia Krunchy Chicken Poppers.

This bite-sized product is considered to be a top-notch game changer for children’s meals and family gatherings. They are available in two sizes, 200g, and 450g, ensuring a krunchy goodness in every bite. The Krunchy Chicken Poppers are developed to become the favorite snack option of consumers, especially busy individuals.

With the recent outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF), the demand for chickens has increased. Krunchy Line is in the right direction to address the need for protein sources. Furthermore, chicken is a versatile and best option that aligns with the preference of non-pork eaters.

Up to this date, Virginia Food Inc. is continuously researching and developing products that are beneficial for the people. On the other hand, the company is arranging opportunities, where they help the community.


Pricing for the Krunchy line is set to be accessible to all. Virginia Krunchy Chicken Patties 480g are available for only P199.00, while Krunchy Chicken Nuggets 420g can be purchased for P189.00 and 1 kg for P389.00. The Krunchy Chicken Poppers are equally affordable as well, priced at P99.00 (200g) and P209.00 (450g).

Consumers can find these exciting Krunchy products at Virginia Factory outlets in Pasig, Masbate, Jones, Iloilo, Davao, Gusa CDO, Guizo, Lapu-Lapu, Tisa, Bantayan Island, Tabunok, Cogon CDO, Butuan, Bukidnon, GenSan, Bacolod, Ozamis, Zamboanga, Pagadian, and Tagum. These are also available in all leading supermarkets and online stores nationwide:

Customers may also visit the Krunchy Line’s official Facebook page, Virginia Krunchy Nuggets or access through this link with its official hashtag #KrunchyGoodnessinEveryBite.


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