On May 30, 2023, Advaux Publishing+Creatives proudly presents the launch of Cebu State Magazine, a groundbreaking publication aimed at providing insights into the economic state of Cebu and its neighboring provinces.

With its maiden issue entitled “Cebu’s 2023 Development Roadmap,” Cebu State Magazine delves into the current economic landscape and explores the potential for growth and recovery.

Cebu State Magazine recognizes the increasing interest from investors, travelers, and consumers in Cebu’s economic activities.

As the city opens up and the economy shows signs of revival, this publication aims to provide an in-depth analysis of the situation, addressing whether these activities are based on a false sense of liberation from the lockdown or indicative of genuine economic recovery.


The magazine’s printed publication features a compelling lineup of articles and original content that shed light on various aspects of Cebu’s economic landscape, including:

1. Economic Indicators: An overview of the key economic indicators showcasing the current state of Cebu’s economy.

2. Investment Opportunities: A comprehensive guide to potential investment opportunities in Cebu and its neighboring provinces, highlighting key sectors and

3. Tourism and Travel: Exploring the resurgence of travel and tourism in Cebu, providing insights into the visitor experience, attractions, and the sector’s contribution to the local economy.

4. Consumer Trends: An examination of the phenomenon of revenge spending and its impact on local businesses, as well as an analysis of consumer behavior post-lockdown.

Digital Presence

In addition to the printed publication, Cebu State Magazine has a digital presence on its website,, and its official Facebook account, Cebu State Magazine.

The online platform serves as a hub for sharing articles and engaging with readers. We are excited to announce our partnership with Cebu Development Media, which will amplify our content by sharing our articles with their 200k+ followers on social media.

To obtain a copy of the maiden issue or for any media inquiries, please contact:

How to get a copy

Nikki Oguis
Managing Editor
Cebu State Magazine
Phone: +63 917 555 4988


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