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Launching between August to December 2023

The Tourism Promotion Board Philippines(TPB), in conjunction with Unique Event and Exhibition Pte Ltd is thrilled to announce announced on an extraordinary journey as they embark on hosting the Philippines Digital Travel Fair 2023 that will take place from August to December 2023.  

This digital platform is designed to promote tourism in the country and attract travelers from Asia, particularly from Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong, to visit the Philippines.

Philippines Digital Travel Fair

As the travel industry begins to recover from the challenges of the past year, it’s crucial to focus on key areas that will help businesses thrive in the future. One of the most important considerations is Cost Savings, as companies will need to be mindful of expenses in order to remain competitive. Additionally, embracing the Green Economy will not only benefit the environment, but also attract customers who prioritize sustainable travel.

Finally, Digitalization is an essential element of the modern travel experience, allowing companies to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and provide a more personalized service to their clients. By focusing on Cost Savings, Green Economy, and Digitalization, the travel industry can build a stronger, more resilient future.

The Philippines Digital Travel Fair is set to launch between August to December 2023, and will feature various tourism-related businesses in the country, including hotels, resorts, travel agencies, tour operators, and airlines. Participants will be able to showcase their products and services on the digital fair platform by offering special deals and discounts to potential customers.

“We are excited to be partnering with the Tourism Promotion Board Philippines in organizing this travel fair. We believe that this digital platform will provide a unique opportunity for tourism-related businesses in the Philippines to reach a wider audience and generate new leads and sales,” said Mr. Foong Cheng Hon, Chief Operating Officer of Unique Event and Exhibition.

Ms. Maria Margarita Montemayor Nograles, Chief Operating Officer of the Tourism Promotions Board Philippines added, “The Philippines Digital Travel Fair is a timely initiative that aims to provide our tourism stakeholders additional platform to market and promote their products and services to a wider audience of these targeted markets, helping in revitalizing the Philippine tourism industry.”

UEE and the Tourism Promotions Board Philippines are inviting various travel and leisure sector businesses in the country, including hotels, resorts, destination management companies, tour operators and agencies, and transportation services providers to participate in the upcoming Philippines Digital Travel Fair.

Visit www.philippinesdigitaltravelfair.com or contact our Sales Manager Mr. Din at din@uee.com.sg






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